About us

Welcome to the NEXTLEVEL INTERIEUR website. ®

NEXTLEVEL INTERIEUR is the new source for extravagant and upscale furniture in West Europe. As part of the German PMR GmbH, a company that owns many well known brands such as SofaDreams® and Vadano® Design and Nextlevel Interior® we have been in the market for over 15 years. The PMR was founded in 2006 in Berlin, Germany and has become one of the most valued distributors for luxury modern furniture in the world. Our unique collection is available in more than 10 different European countries, in Dubai and in the United States.  We are grateful for so much interest in our products and support from customers across the world. 

We always strive to set new standards by designing, engineering and producing unique furniture. We deliver on our promise and provide the well known and admired European quality standards and we take even more pride in producing and presenting all of our furniture the way we do. Our Furniture is been designed and manufactured in Europe and we are the exclusive distributor in the area.  Ever since we started, we believed in the idea of producing only the best quality with no compromises. It starts by choosing and using only the best materials, such as our Premium Top Grain Italian Leather collection, also by meeting highest quality- and production standards, that save our clients from hazardous health risks and disappointing experiences.

For more than 15 years, we refuse to use cheap materials or producing our furniture in so-called 3rd world countries as many of our competitors do, knowing the health risks of using uncontrolled and unsafe materials and production methods. Our comprehensive approach to quality throughout the company ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Every year we create a new stunning collection of unique and modern furniture paired with intelligent features to make your life better. Our collection already has impressed thousands of customers with its qualities and unique character. The distinctive style of our collections always reflects new ideas, which are brought to life by our own designers, year after year. You as a customer are still able to configure our sofas in many ways, to make them fit your needs and taste. Just choose one of our sofas for your home, choose the materials you like most and enjoy the luxury of a unique design sofa created by you, with distinctive comfort, which by the way you can only get from NEXTLEVEL INTERIEUR, since all of our designs are patented and patent registered in the US and Europe therefore only available at one of our stores.

With NEXTLEVEL INTERIEUR ou can always be certain that we present not only "European inspired designs", we actually present real authentic European Designs - Made in Europe - manufactured under highly controlled quality standards. Because we strongly believe that details like this make all the difference when it comes to the quality, comfort and longevity of your furniture and the satisfaction of our customers.
All matters concerning your order, will be completed by our network of qualified partners in logistics, transport and client service. We always make an effort to meet and exceed our customers expectations in order to make your shopping experience with NEXTLEVEL INTERIEUR unforgettable.
Your purchase at NEXTLEVEL INTERIEUR is absolutely risk free, since we offer a refund guarantee for 14 days after delivery according to our return policy.
Thank you for your interest in NEXTLEVEL INTERIEUR. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are more than happy to assist you.